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Tanzania - Enduimet: the 6kW Stand-alone pv plant supplies energy to a secondary school 

Agosto 2016

In Enduimet, the humanitariam project Seva for Africa supports the NGO Oikos. Seva srl has installed a 6kW stand-alone photovoltaic power plant that supplies energy to a secondary school situated in a rural area. The stand-alone photovoltaic power plant powers the teachers’ rooms; various classes; the physics, chemistry and biology laboratories.  Within the compound, there are three dormitories: due male and one female.  A fourth dormitory is expected to be constructed shortly. The Oikos Institute has been working predominantly in Arusha, since 1996, where it has, at is disposition, an office capable of providing logistical and organisational support. It works in collaboration with the Arusha Technical College, which will help the Oikos Institute to maintain the installed plants.



“The installation at Bugisi has finished and the system is working perfectly. We are very happy and we thank you very much. Your technicians were extremely nice and they demonstrated a great willingness to adapt”. With these words the Cuamm NGO workers – Doctors with Africa who work in the Bugisis dispensary – declared the end of the mission and gave advance notice of the return of the Seva technicians. Thanks to the works completed by Seva’s humanitarian project Seva for Africa, the centre is now served by a 6kW stand-alone photovoltaic power plant. Before the completion of the work, the dispensary could only count on the electricity distributed at a national level by Tanesco through a connection to a highly unstable grid and the service of a costly diesel generator.  The equipment served by the stand-alone photovoltaic power plant is that within the blood analysis laboratory (Cell Count Machine CD4, Centrifuge, Fluorescence Microscopes, 2 refrigerators, lights, and haematology) which consume 5Kw. With the equipment being used for 5 hours a day, energy consumption is estimated to be 25Kwh per day. The 6Kw system guarantees an average of 36Kwh per day with a good energy output.  It is therefore sufficient to keep the batteries charged for the daily cycle and to regulate all the energy necessary for night-time lighting of certain rooms.

November 2014

The off-grid 11 kW photovoltaic power plant in Njombe powers a small diary, which is a pilot experiment included in a wider program being undertaken by Cefa Onlus (European Committee for Development and Agriculture): the strengthening and consolidation of the socio-economic impact of the project has a demonstrative and pedagogic value, i.e. presenting a new business model to the local population. The project was recommended by the Environmental and Renewable Energy Board - Office VII of the General Office for Cooperation and Development of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which helps SEVA FOR AFRICA in selecting soundprojects.


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