Madagascar Anatihazo

Madagascar - Anatihazo

Madagascar - Anatihazo - The Stand-alone photovoltaic plant

April 2017. Seva for Africa” in Madagascar.

A 26 kWp Stand-alone photovoltaic plant has been installed near the capital, Antananarivo, where there is an Opera Don Orione mission, with habitation for 20 priests, a parish centre including schools (elementary, middle, technical for carpentry and mechanics) and a dispensary.

The savings in terms of fuel consumption will be considerable; given that, before the installation of the photovoltaic plant, the centre was powered only by a 100kW generator which could consume approx.’ 20 litres an hour, and by an electricity grid, subject to frequent blackouts (2/4 times a day and lasting up to 2 hours). So, also at Anatihazo, placing the mission in a secure position thanks to a clean renewable energy plant will guarantee constant essential services and the saving of the cost of providing fossil fuel.

Besides Seva for Africa’s interaction, the financing of the Stand-Alone plant has been guaranteed by funds coming from religious institutions and other private donors. Seva for Africa contributed by putting at the disposition of project financial resources, assessment and technical personal on-site for the installation. The photovoltaic plant powers different users: classrooms, workshops (two buildings with machinery for carpentry, mechanics, welding and drilling), lthe mission houses, wherein there are three freezers, two refrigerators, five hot water boilers, and ten computers.

The architecture of the plant in composed of three sinusoidal Steca XTH8000-48 inverters, with a continuous power of 7000VA - 48V DC 230V AC/50Hz, change battery, a temperature sensor, five Vario Track changed regulators, a remote control, 84 Waris Solar 250 watt 992x1650 mm panels with a thickness of 38 mm, a complete metal structure (plus six in reserve), 24 FIAMMFIAMM2 V LMSolar 2750 Ah C120 batteries (lasting a maximum of 3,000 cycles).



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