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Francescan Missionary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Catholic Mission, Nhacra Teda –Clinic-

Nhacra Teda Febtuary 28th 2016

Esteemed SEVA Management, Peace and Well-being!

Subject: for the nascent Nhacra Teda mission the photovoltaic system is already a reality

Together we have lived through moments of trepidation. All of which were overcome. Everything was brought to a successful conclusion.

We have been treated to an inestimable gift. I would like, but don’t have the words, to communicateto the SEVA management, and all who have collaborated, the deep significance of such a gift to a place like this, Nhacra Teda; a place, where the possibility of having electric light is non-existent.  Depending entirely on a generator is not possible, due to the cost.

Now there is light. Never before, but now even at night the parts normally lit by a fire or a candle can benefit.

Dearest brothers of the company SEVA, you have given us a great gift.

 In our prayers we ask that the lord recompenses you many times over.

We are certain that the recompense will be great, because your gift was great.

I am sure that you will have forgotten the difficult moments when the expedition was about to fall through, due to the infinite bureaucratic haggling with the Non-profit Organisation and various kinds of unforeseen difficulties with the expedition itself. Thank you for having the courage and determination to go on.

My thanks go also to dear (please permit me to call him brother) Fausto.

I was taken with the idea that we were dealing with a person whose needs we could not have to satisfy. Immediately, on arrival, after the first meetings, we were reassured by his simplicity 

and competence. The days that he spent with us gave us joy for the success of the work, and pleasure that he felt so comfortable in our Franciscan simplicity.

To everyone, heartfelt thanks

Kind and brotherly regards.

Sr. Valeria Amato.