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12. I nostri amici

Guinea Bissau - Nhacra: Our friends

February 2016 – Following the installation, last week, of the Natitingou plant, the 2015 aide program is closed and, finally, we can start to think about the program for 2016.  As with the Natitingou plant in Benin, the plant which was later to be installed in Nhacra should also to have provided energy to a Caritas mission in Burundi; the grave political situation constrained those responsible, for the Seva for Africa project, to redirect the plant to Guinea Bissau.The Sisters on the Franciscan Order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary boast a long standing and well consolidated presence in Guinea-Bissau (at thethe Cumura and Quinhamel hospitals). In Nhacra things matured in haste.  At the end of 2014 the health centre project had still to be defined. There was no project technician and the Sisters relied on the voluntary help of various project planners. Also, in this case, the request for help which reached Seva was developed above all due to the cost of the fuel used to operate the diesel generator.  The objective was that of reducing to the minimum, limited just to emergencies, the use of the generator.   The religious order had built the Nhaca centre to assist women during the most risky phases of childbirth and of the babies’ lives. the extreme turmoil that had erupted in Burundi. The photovoltaic power plant supplied by the humanitarian project primarily consists of  a pack of 24 FIAMM 2V LMSolar 1020 Ah C120 batteries (maximum duration 3,000 cycles), 24 250Wp Waris panels, 2 Tarom MPPT 6000 charge regulators and the improvement of the existing electricity system. The stand-alone plant, constructed thus, is capable of ensuring 60% of the Benin Natitingou mission’s energy needs and enabling a noteworthy saving of the diesel necessary to supply the costly existing generator 


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