In Amakpape a stand-alone 12.1 kW power plant  Seva for Africa has been installed and put into operation, donated by the humanitarian project Seva for Africa to the Cuori Grandi Onlus [TN: non-profit organization] community.In addition to essential services and a health unit, the the community lead by Sister Patrizia Livraga is being provided with an education complex.

Thanks aso to Vipiemme ( ), that donated 54 polycrystalline 220 Wp photovoltaic units and 40 batteries (PB-acid, 115 AH@12V), and to the technical support of Kad3 Group ( the Cuori Grandi community will be almost completely autonomous frome the diesel feuled power generator. In Amakpape there is a hybrid off-grid photovoltaic power plant with the HyRei kit for the production, storage and distribution of electricity from non-programmable stand-alone renewable sources, which ensures partial autonomy from the traditional generation of electricity using fossil fuels. Sister Patrizia is the power house of the Cuori Grandi Togo Onlus.

A world of silent but extraordinary figures (anonymous volunteers with diverse experience and professiona: electricians, warehouse workers, technicians, doctors, carpenters) revolves around Suor Patrizia. In Togo, despite the the fact that the land is mainly dedicated to agricultural use, food safety for the whole population cannot be ensured because the scarcity of water for irrigation and of protein deficiency in the general diet, which mainly consists in white corn polenta. In addition, some families do not own enough land to satisfy their basic needs. Children are the social group with at highest risk in food malnutrition.

For this reason, Sister Patrizia is giving life to an innovative agricultural project aimed at increasing the cultivation of high-protein crops, especially soya. Also a school complex is on its way, so as to ensure an efficient education, from kindergarten to high school. The new school complex will serve a wide catchment area because, especially from middle school to high school, it will also be attended by children coming from smaller villages. Sister Patrizia aims to ensure variety in the education offer, via the right balance between the development of traditional craft and the teaching of the new "basic" technologies,without compromising the local traditional culture and skills.



Togo - The great heart of the photovoltaic plant


7 - Amakpape -Suor Patrizia non si risparmia

Amakpape - Suor Patrizia directs the work


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