Central African Republic


limpianto di Bozoum installato resizeCAR – The photovoltaic power plant

The Carmelites' Projects

The Carmelites who work in the Central African Republic have already completed several important projects: an agricultural fair (producing approximately 80,000 € in sales), a una mutual savings bank (1,200 members, 90,000 € in savings, 40,000 € of credit provided, five branches), paddy fields, consortia and a cyouth center in the mission at Bozum.



Bozoum: the photovoltaic plant

In Bozum, Seva created an 11.2 kWp "stand alone" photovoltaic power plant capable of providing electricity to approximately 2,000 people. The annual electricity production is estimated to be 18.000 kWh, thus reducing the CO2 emission by about 9,000 kg p.a. Kad3 (System integrator, www.kad3.com) in Monopoli (BA) and Vipiemme Solar (storage, www.vipiemmesolar.it) in Isso (BG) worked in partnership on this project. The country's electricity distribution system in the Central African Republic is almost nonexistent and, where it is present, it is not working because of the widespread deteroration. The only option is to use generators, which entails high costs and difficulties in finding fuel. The photovoltaic power plant in Bozum is part of a series of other installations that SEVA executed in 2014, because the sun is Africa's real wealth and photovoltaic power plants a technology which can be sustainably integrated into the territory



Energy requirements of the mission at Bozum

Before the installation of SEVA's "Stand- alone" power plant, the energy requirements in terms of energy consumption were met by two diesel-fuelled generators with a nominal power output of 50 kVA, day and night. The average daily energy consumption is 86,26 kWh.

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