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Together with other donors, Seva supports the Franciscan mission of Kayangozi, a center with the capacity to accomodate more than 300 children who are incurably sick or leprous - victims of a barbaric ethnic war. The village of San Francesco has a dispensary; anursery school; and a state-of-the- arteye and dental clinic, managed by locals trained educated in Italy. These places are now available to all the inhabitants of Kayongozi and its surroundings (approx. 15,000 people). The Franciscans have also built a 10-kilometer long water main la tower with two water tanks and a system to make water drinkable; they also are planning to equip the mission with solar panels. There remains however an urgent issue concerning the efficient maintenance and the rational use of the water resources: the water main crosses cultivated land, where farmers, working the land, often cause leaks in the infrastructure , thus dispersing water and polluting it with animal feces.

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