The fountain in the village of Fonko: water is lifeThe fountain in the village of Fonko: water is lifeSeva’s contribution to Sister Hirut Tadesse Mekonnen’s projects

In 2011 Seva supplied the resources for the construction of a well and, in 2012, for the building of a  a guest house and of a  vegetable garden in the village of Fonko, where Hirut Tadesse Mekonnen (belonging to the Congregation of Sisters of Divine Providence for abandoned children) rescues children from the streets and fights against the marginalization of ethnic minorities. Thanks to contributions from several donors, this missionary has been able to build some essential facilities, such as a clinic, a canteen, a fountain, a kitchen, a wash house and a drinking trough for cattle. More than 700 children attended elementary school..


SEVA's support to CUAMM missions - Doctors with Africa

In December 2014, SEVA for Africa donated an incinerator for hospital waste to the Saint Luke Hospital in Wolisso, the main facility in the South West Shoa Zone in the region of Oromia, with a catchment area of about 1,200,000 people.  

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