Among Seva's strategic goals is that of to conducting research activitiesin the renewable energy sector.
For this reason the company finances and develops projects aimed at technological innovation for energy production generated from clean sources and mobile sustainability. Seva's R&S office employs planners dedicated full-time to these activities and they are in regular contact with centre of excellenge, some of the best laboratories and avant-garde organization in these fields, such as Politecnico di Torino.

In regard ti this perspective, Seva's mission is also to identify, gather and sustain, projects with a high degree of potential for application on an industrial scale and to maintain the intellectual property of all developed projects. Seva's R&S office has introduced strict internal quality parameters for the selection of such projects.
Seva is currently developing a glider powered by electric energy, which therefore has virtually zero environmental impact, and could be applied to general aviation, recreational flights or be used by flying clubs for flying lessons. Seva has invested significantly in the latest available technologies, in particularly innovative aerodynamics and oan inventive configuration of the propelling system. The aircraft is equipped to be powered by electrically, whith Lithium Ion batteries, but it will be possible to install a hybrid propulsion system or fuel cells.