Monte Poggio Wind Park - Bocchetta Mountain Pass

The Monte Poggio Wind Park is located near the Bocchetta Mountain Pass, on the border between Piedmont and Liguria, at an altitude ranging from 780 m to 840 m ASL. It is located within the district of Franconalto (Alessandria), on the border with the province of Genoa.

Seven 2MW aerogenerators, for a total installed power of 14MW. The energy produced is capable of satisfying the energy needs of 12.000 families, and it is delivered to Busalla's transformer room (Genova).

The project also includes a redevelopment of the Bocchetta Mountain Pass into tourist area, including the creation and maintenance of a recreational-learning trail and picnic areas in addition to a mountain bike trail within the Capanne di Marcarolo Natural Regional Park. An essential combination of good  level of windiness, lack of constraints,  the presence of suitable infrastructure and low visibility, makes this project one of a kind. The authorization procedure began in June 2013 and is still under revision at the Province of Alessandria.

We presented the project to the public on November 29th, 2014, in Pian dei Grilli. A large crowd of residents from each of the towns involved in the project participated in the event; which was sponsored by Fraconalto and Voltaggio's municipalities.

A year later, SEVA renewed its efforts. On November 29th 2015 the members of the Novi Ligure “Cinghiali MTB” (Wild Boar MTB) group took their babies and children cycling along the Bocchetta Pass and its surroundings, as far as Pian dei Grilli, where they concluded the day of sharing their passion for bicycles, the area, its conservation and protection; all subjects that the wind park project keeps in high regard.

4_Invernale con pale.jpgMonte Poggio Aeolian Park – Rendering