Farms in the Wind - Authorized plants


Seva has obtained the necessary authorizations for the construction of three wind turbine plants:

- Pabillonis;



These plants are in compliance with European Union, the national and the regional urban planning guidelines, and will contribute to achieving the European Union goals of limiting greenhouse gas emissions and increasing renewable energy production by the year 2020.

The authorization obtained were issued based on the results of thorough studies into: coherence to regulations, wind resources, visibility, acoustic environment and the impact on flora and fauna.

 State-of-the-art, highly reliable machinery will be built, that have been carefully designed with to minimalize the impact on the landscape, resulting in machines which are qualitatively superior to what is currently  available on the market and guaranteeing unrivaled performance compared to any other competitor. 



Impianti autorizzati

Farms in the Wind - Authorized plants