About Us

team of professionals with more than 20 years experience and young engineers oriented towards research and innovation in the renewable green energy sector.


A dynamic and knowledgeable and experienced team who believes in a new wave of energy democracy made possible thanks to  distributed power generation


team bonded by the company's mission; which wants to reach increasingly ambitious goals in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.


An effective  team which - from research and design to the opening of the plant - is capable of controlling the entire project cycle and developing, building, and managing hydroelectric and wind energy production plants.


Because behind every hydraulic turbine, and every wind turbine that allows us to turn on a light bulb without damaging the environment, there is a whole world…

  • ...

     It is a world made of research to identify the appropriate sites for the installation of new power plants; of projects;  environmental analysis and measurements, and of meteorological data (before, during the construction phase, and after the plant is put into operation); and of authorizations (of every kind). A world that includes the establishment of construction sites, the opening and management of plants. Thanks to years of experience in the field, Seva's work ethic is based on team sharing and on daily discussion, and thanks to its 40 employees (25 of which are engineers), Seva is in fact this world.




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How we got here 

  • 1993

    • September 28 1993, SEVA is founded

  • 1994-1999

    •  Acquired and completed the renovation of two disused HYDROELECTRIC plants in Umbria at Pale and Pontecentesimo, in the parish of Foligno (Perugia). 
    • The first plans concerning the creation of Dolonne's (Aosta), Corteno Golgi's (Brescia), Pontoglio's (Brescia), and Bagolino's (Brescia) HYDROELECTRIC power plants are filed.  

  • 2000-2004

    • Seva grows to 13 employees 

    •  The construction site for Corteno Golgi's (Brescia) HYDROELECTRIC power plant is established

    •  In 2004 the wind power branch dedicated to designing ONSHORE and OFFSHORE wind turbines is launched 

  • 2005-2009

    • Number of employees reaches 21 (average age is 28)

    •  Corteno Golgi's HYDROELETTRIC power plant is put into operation (2005)

    • The construction site for Dolonne's HYDROELETTRIC power plant is established (2006) 

    •  The pipeline of the developing projects grows to 60 hydroelettric projects and 45 wind projects, 8 of which are OFF SHORE

  • 2010-2014

    • The number of employees leaps to 40, 25 of which are engineers (including subsidiary comanies). The average age rises to 32

    • Dolonne's HYDROELETTRIC power plant is put into operation

    • Several new HYDROELETTRIC project plans in Italy and in Romania are field

    • 52 anemometric towers in Sardinia, Liguria; Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lombardy, Puglia, Calabria and Basilicata are constructed

    • Several OFFSHORE wind project plans in the Mediterranean, for a total amount of 1237 MW, are filed

    • The Sassari wind farm is built and put into operation

    • The Nulvi I wind farm is built and put into operation

    • The Ittiri wind farm is built and put into operation

  • 2015 to today

    • The Nule wind farm is built and put into operation

    • The Costruction site for Nulvi II's wind farm is established

    • The Pontoglio Hydroeletric plant is built and put into operation

    • The Tergu wind farm is built and put into operation